As you navigate through this website a small army of people are working together to keep alive a network of groups, activities and ideals that conform the fabric of our community. The task, while fun, is arduous but the result is important. It is the expression and exercise of our freedom, the epiphany of our passion, the quest for a fantasy.

This small army is, like you, trying to materialize a dream. Whether it is domination or submission, pain or pleasure, fetishes or romanticism; we have craved for it, searched for it and eventually found it. Now, you are here because you found it too.

This network is also known as the BDSM community or the 'scene'. This is your place; you know it because you feel welcome, you feel safe and accepted. You are not alone and, now that you have found it, you know you have to live it; you know that you belong to it. Explore our groups, join the discussions, share experiences, connect with people through social networks, chats or Twitter. And, whenever you are ready, whenever you feel confident (which I hope will be soon), come out and join us! We are waiting for you.

Welcome home!
Sincerely, the Austin kink scene.